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BDry Alabama’s Preferred Agent Program

We are Alabama’s leader in waterproofing and foundation repair helping real estate agents close deals by providing peace of mind to home buyers and sellers. Having a clean bill of home health on an inspection report is important; however, we are here to help overcome any obstacles that may stand in the way of getting to the closing table. For many years, we have worked with real estate agents to provide necessary solutions to secure the ever so delicate nature of real estate transactions. That is why we have decided to offer an exclusive plan specifically for real estate agents – the BDry Alabama Preferred Agent Program.

Here’s The Deal!

The BDry Alabama Preferred Agent Program is geared to providing same-day quotes that can get your clients the information they need – fast! We understand the fast-paced environment of the real estate industry, and with that comes urgency with repairs and inspections. Our goal with the Preferred Agent Program is to provide quick and cost-effective solutions that allow for well-informed decisions to be made.

BDry Alabama Real Estate Program


Our program is designed to help you and your client. The following benefits are guaranteed to BDry Alabama Preferred Agents:

Priority Scheduling

While we treat all real estate transactions with immediacy, get quicker service and be the priority when scheduling

Pre-Listing Inspections

Allows agents to get an inspection before placing a home on the market to assess what may arise or cause problems during a final inspection

BDry Commitment Badge

A badge of credibility to display on website or other marketing materials

Pay-at-Closing Option

Making payment easy and affordable

BDry Alabama Real Estate Program
Our Preferred Agent Program is now available in your area. We are looking for a select number of movers and shakers in the real estate industry! Apply now to become a BDry Alabama Preferred Agent.