BDry Alabama is a proud partner of ShipShape, Crack Stitch and Invisibeam! We are always looking to integrate new waterproofing or foundation repair products to improve our services! We are proud to represent and include these innovative technologies into our systematic processes. Learn more about ShipShape, Crack Stitch and Invisibeam below.


Smart home monitoring app that provides homeowners with real-time updates, alerts, support, maintenance plans, budgeting for replacement systems, home health scores and more.

Lintel Lift: 

A patented and comprehensive product that fixes one of the most common, yet commonly overlooked issues that cause foundation failure – sagging lintels. Lintel failure causes the brick above the header to shift and eventually crack. Over time, this can lead to the header completely failing and the brickwork falling off the house. Lintel Lift provides the extra support necessary to fix failing lintels and stop disaster in its steps!

Crack Stitch:  

A revolutionary concrete crack repair product utilizing carbon fiber and structural adhesive in a simple to install process that lasts a lifetime! Its patented ReGrid technology creates a bond far stronger than any other product on the market, ensuring that cracks will never re-open.


A permanent solution for bowing, tipping or shearing basement walls caused by external wall pressure. Invisibeam is a carbon fiber and KEVLAR® strap that is four times stronger than steel! This patented adhesive rivet technology guarantees the strongest adherence to the wall. Invisibeam is the only system delivered as a true composite with no field saturation, minimal wall preparation, simple, error proof installation, unmatched bond strength with patented ReGrid technology and more!