The Best Products On The Market

BDry Alabama makes use of the most effective, innovative and up-to-date products the industry has to offer in order to insure the quality of work we do for you. Learn more about the products and service providers we proudly partner with below.


Want to know how well your system is working without having to crawl around under your house? Great! That’s exactly what ShipShape does. This smart home monitoring app provides homeowners with reliable real-time updates, alerts, support, maintenance plans, home health scores and more directly to your phone.

Lintel Lift: 

If you’ve noticed cracks appearing in the bricks above your garage then watch out! This probably isn’t a foundation issues, but a failed lintel. The lintel is a thin strip of metal that is intended to hold those bricks in place. But in home construction these days, they aren’t made to last. Sooner than later, those bricks will fall on whatever is in their way. Lintel Lift is the only patented product engineered to permanently repair this problem. Best of all, the repair is completed in less than a day and at a fraction of the cost of a garage rebuild.

Crack Stitch:  

Is your concrete floor, slab or wall starting to show its age? We stop cracks in their tracks. Crack Stitch is a revolutionary reinforcement grid technology that uses a patented system combining carbon fiber, Kevlar® and epoxy that chemically bonds bonds to the concrete. This Adhesive riveting technology creates a bond that is stronger than any other product on the market.


If you walls that are bowing, tipping or shearing because of external wall pressure, then you know the safety of your home is at risk. Invisibeam’s carbon/kevlar strap is more than 4 times stronger than steel and has a proven 20-year record of success certified by the International Code Council (ICC). And unlike bulky steal beams, this product offers a low-profile solution that gives you maximum use of your space. Easily paint over it or hide it with a framed out wall.