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Join the BDry Alabama Elite Club

Are you worried the age of your BDry system could become compromised during heavy rainfall events? Well we have found your solution. BDry Alabama recommends our new annual preventative maintenance program to maintain the systems integrity to beat the test of time. There are many unforeseen issues that could be detrimental to your home with an unchecked system such as: deteriorating sump pumps and dehumidifier, failing check valves, sediment buildup causing blockages, and clogged exterior discharges. This is why BDry Alabama has released the highly requested and praised BDry Elite service program.

BDry Elite Club pushes the waterproofing and foundation repair industry to new boundaries with expert technicians performing tests on your current system to provide customers with worry free preventative maintenance. As a member of the club, customers will receive a yearly inspection and a comprehensive assessment on the products and system we installed for you. The yearly inspection will include a complete foundation perimeter inspection, dehumidifier filter change or washing, inspection of encapsulation integrity, measurement of humidity levels, sump pump maintenance, check exterior discharge lines, priority scheduling for emergencies, and a 10% preferred customer discount on any future purchases. Because we believe this service is necessary for all our customers, we are offering the plan at a low cost of just $199 a year!

With over 60 years in the industry, BDry has taken customer feedback and requests to push BDry Elite even further. We are providing additional package options for your BDry Elite plan. These add-ons include:

Lifetime warranty on sump pump

Now that you have been introduced to the BDry Elite Club, let me explain how it can save you money and expand on the worry-free peace of mind BDry guarantees all customers.

With high precipitation levels, comes increasing water and foundation issues inside the home. The average rainfall in the United States is around 38.2 inches of rain a year. The average rainfall in central Alabama is currently averaging 53.7 inches a year, making Birmingham the 3rd rainiest major city in the United States. This falls just short behind New Orleans and Miami being the rainiest major cities in the United States. All this rain must go somewhere, and it will not be shy of entering your basement or crawlspace. You can view more information at the following link: https://www.currentresults.com/Weather-Extremes/US/wettest-cities.php.

Maybe the greatest concern of the high rainfall in Alabama is the over exhaustion of your sump pump. With the average lifespan of a sump pump being around 10 years, it comes highly recommended to have periodic checks to determine that it is performing at max capacity. While BDry fully backs the high-quality manufactured products we install, electrical machinery can run 24 hours a day and unfortunately will not last forever. The failure of your pump during torrential rains could be a devastating event to finished areas of the home. With proper preventative care, you could extend the life of your pump by over 25%. Don’t wait until it is too late!

Call us today at (205) 942-1976 for your first preventive care inspection as a BDry Elite Club member!