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basement with water on concrete blocks

The Truth about Waterproofing Systems

It’s NOT what you have been told or read but, it’s what you DON’T know that that becomes detrimental  customers who are misled and select the wrong Waterproofing system and contractor and the water problems get worse and/or create other problems and you end up costing lots of money to get the problems fixed right. Selecting the right system is crucial.

The majority of basement waterproofing today is being performed by companies that utilize a system that collects water from the wall as the system sits on top of your footing, that is NOT a waterproofing system, it is known as a “Dampening System” these types of systems cannot create a 3-5 degree fall to a collection point like sump or a gravity discharge, therefore these systems depend on water to push it to a collection point. When water just sits in the pipe it becomes stagnant and can make your basement smell musty as it is an open drain system.

Competitive System Below

There are really only two options available to solve a wet basement, interior or exterior. Interior work utilizes drainage inside your basement to control the water that is entering and directs it to a sump pump. The second option is accomplished only by exterior excavation of the home to the bottom of the foundation, installing drainage and treating the walls to prevent water from entering. Obviously the second is outrageously expensive and not to mention moving deck, air conditioning systems, utility lines to the home, etc… not mention destroying your yard and landscape. Quite frankly that just does not make sense. Internal drain tile systems are the most economical and effective in capturing the water that is causing the problems. Selecting the right system is important. The BDry System is patented and proprietary, this system captures water in a basement wall 5 ways. Weeps are drilled in the blocks that allows the water and the hydro pressure on the wall to release, water coming deep under the footing and water from under the slab. Water coming from under the footing can cause wash out voids under the slab creating much more extensive damage to the home. (See Picture – Damage from competitive dampening system) Voids under slab are common as the competitive systems as they sit on top of the footing and only collect water in the wall. The competitive system does NOTHING for the water under the slab or coming under the footing. A system that sits on top of the footing cannot collect water from all the possible sources like from under the footing and under the slab. If the water table gets high, water can enter the home in the cracks of the slabs bypassing the competitive system. The BDry system is designed to capture 100% of the water and ensure that you do not have failure. The competitive system only guarantees up to 80%.

Competitive Failure

Which system is best for your foundation?

The overwhelming consensus among professionals outside of the industry, structural engineers, local building department officials, realtors, General Contractors, etc., is that the BDry Patented waterproofing system is always the best choice.

BDry Waterproofing System Below


A waterproofing system MUST collect water from all of the sources, or you’ve just bought a temporary system.

If damp spots, cracks in block or walls, mold, or shifting of the walls is your concern, the BDry waterproofing systems can stop all of your worry and concerns.

When evaluating your specific situation, a real professional takes a problem-solving approach by evaluating the grade around your home, guttering, down spouts, external guttering drainage and diversion of surface water. These are all things that can further damage to your home. An honest foundation expert will examine your basement or crawl space to determine the cause of your problem,

in order to offer a solution specific to your needs.

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