BDry and the Foundation Repair Industry

BDry and the Foundation Repair Industry

BDry and the Foundation Repair Industry


Do you walk through your home and notice certain areas of your hardwood floors are more giving and bouncy? Do certain doors and windows not shut properly? Have you noticed cracking in the drywall or ceiling? These issues may be your home begging for your attention. Any one of these can be foretelling signs of a failing foundation. To protect one of your greatest investments of your lifetime, you must address these issues using a reputable foundation repair company sooner than later.


So why choose BDry for my foundation related repairs? Aren’t they just a waterproofing company?

Bdry entered the foundation repair industry after becoming one of the largest waterproofing companies in the country. You may ask what do installing drain systems and moisture barriers have anything to do with a failing foundation. Well, water intrusion into the home is one of the greatest causes of damage and failure to the home’s foundation. Without addressing the water problem, you may be wasting your time and money with any foundation related repairs. At BDry, we want to provide you a one-stop-shop to addressing all areas of the failing foundation from the cause (water intrusion) to the repair (crumbing foundation).



So, what exactly does BDry specialize in?

Since BDry was founded in 1958, the company has grown an arsenal of foundation and structure related knowledge to provide solutions that last a lifetime. Our team is heavily trained to stabilize and support buckling floor systems, sinking foundations, and bowing basement walls. These repairs may include crawlspace adjustable support beams, carbon fiber bracketing systems, helical piers, and tie-backs. We are constantly pushing the needle by adopting new technology advancements in the industry to provide a safer installation, a cheaper repair, and a longer-lasting solution.



Still not sold on BDry for your foundation and structural related repairs?

What truly makes BDry stand out compared with other waterproofing or foundation repair companies is the strong warranty. Imagine this, if BDry repaired your foundation 50 years ago, we would still happily send a technician out to service your home under the warranty. With so many companies in the industry offering repair solutions, it can become overwhelming to a homeowner to make the best decision. We recommend not only paying attention to how strong a company’s warranty is, but also how long the company has been in business. Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars with a company that has only been in business for a few short years? If the company goes out of business, your warranty disappears with the company. Also make sure to ask for proof of liability insurance. Foundation repair can be very intrusive, and when done incorrectly or when corners are cut, significant damages can occur. As a homeowner, you want to be protected in a worst-case scenario.

Our goal at BDry is to educate you, the homeowner, to make the best decision for your specific home repair needs. Depending on your situation, the answer may not always be BDry. Maybe you are moving, and the warranty doesn’t matter to you. Maybe you are a low-cost budget buyer. By providing you with the knowledge required to make an educated decision is a win for BDry.

We hope you will consider BDry for all your future foundation and structure related repair services, not only our waterproofing and moisture control services. To schedule your hassle-free, no-cost evaluation with one of our account specialists follow the link below to our website.